Press Release

Press Release

Singular Genomics and Broad Institute Partner to Integrate Advanced Sequencing Technology with the Terra Data Platform

Jan 06, 2022

This partnership will help biomedical researchers access and analyze data from Singular Genomics systems and easily collaborate on the cloud using a secure, scalable and open source informatic platform

LA JOLLA, Calif., Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Singular Genomics Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: OMIC), a company leveraging novel next-generation sequencing (NGS) and multiomics technologies to empower researchers and clinicians, today announced the company is collaborating with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to connect the Singular Genomics G4 sequencer to Terra, a data platform co-developed by the Broad Institute, Microsoft and Verily that connects researchers to each other and to the datasets and tools they need to achieve scientific breakthroughs. This integration between the two platforms will give researchers using the G4 sequencer seamless access to cloud-based data storage and analytical tools optimized for genomic data.

“We are thrilled to bring Terra’s advanced bioinformatic platform to Singular Genomics customers as a plug-and-play bioinformatics solution,” said Drew Spaventa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Singular Genomics. “To complement and leverage the G4’s accuracy, speed, flexibility and power, Terra will provide our customers with a seamless solution for secondary and tertiary analysis, data storage, and data sharing. We anticipate this will be the first of many exciting expanded offerings for G4.”

“With Terra, researchers are more easily and seamlessly able to develop insights from vast amounts of data and advance biomedical research,” said Clare Bernard, Senior Director of the Data Sciences Platform at the Broad Institute. “We are pleased to facilitate access to Terra as a comprehensive bioinformatic platform for Singular Genomics customers.”

About Terra
Terra, developed by the Broad Institute, Microsoft and Verily is a secure, scalable, open-source platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools and collaborate. Terra is actively used by thousands of researchers every month to analyze data from millions of participants in scientific research projects.

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About Singular Genomics Systems, Inc.
Singular Genomics is a life science technology company that is leveraging novel, next generation sequencing (NGS) and multiomics technologies to build products that empower researchers and clinicians. Our mission is to accelerate genomics for the advancement of science and medicine. Our Singular Sequencing Engine is the foundational platform technology that forms the basis of our products in development as well as our core product tenets: accuracy, speed, flexibility and scale. We are currently developing two integrated solutions that are purpose built to target applications in which these core product tenets matter most. Our first integrated solution, the G4 sequencing platform, is targeted at the NGS market. Our second integrated solution in development, the PX Integrated Solution, combines single cell analysis, spatial analysis, genomics and proteomics in one integrated instrument to offer a versatile multiomics solution. The G4 and PX sequencing platforms are both comprised of an instrument and an associated menu of consumable kits.

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